Herd Sires are unhappy!

MerlinAll Does are Bred and this fella pictured to the left ain’t none to happy!

Well, all the ones we intend to breed at least.  Lady (She’s A Lady) wasn’t bred as we thought it was best to hold her over until next season as she’s a bit small, however she’s starting to catch up with the others and is turning out to be one fine doe!   She’ll do well in the juniors I’m sure. Seems everyone took so we should be having a busy kidding season in spring 2015.  So here’s a quick rundown of who’s bred to whom.

In the Alpines, we have Marlena and Monica who were bred with Barnibus from Sweet Chariot Farms.   Then we have Queen (I’m a Beauty Queen) with whom we bred with our own Nubian Merlin.  Her kids will be ADGA registered as Recorded Grade.

In the Nubians, we have Misty (Ain’t I Something Mister) bred to Merlin.  Then we have Melody (Misty’s daughter) bred to Arthur.  I can’t wait to see which one of these two bucks produce the better kids.  To my novice eye Merlin is the better buck but they are twins!  It is Merlin and Arthur’s first breeding season as well.  So we’re really excited to see what they all produce.  All the expected kids will/can be registered with ADGA.

Expected due dates are:

Monica:  2/13/2015

Marlena:  3/2/2015

Queen:  4/2/15

Mister:  4/8/2015

Melody: 4/8/2015


It’s like waiting for Christmas!


Barnibus herd sire from Sweet Chariot Farms




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