First Disbudding (de-horning)

Well today we disbudded our first kid.  In all the things we do around the farm this is probably the most emotionally disturbing thing I can imagine and least favorite thing to do.  It didn’t seem to bother the young kid much at all.  She yelled a little but it was over pretty quickly, then she went on her way and seemed to be just fine with the occasional scratch to her head with her rear hoof.  I, on the other hand was a bit more bothered simply because this was something new to me and was more worried about her than she was bothered by it, but I’m a big buck and will get over it.

Disbudding is a necessary evil Continue reading

2014-A year in Review

Goodbye 2014, a year in review.

Camelot Hills CarriageWow, what a year for Camelot Hills.  This year we began raising dairy goats and gave our farm a name because of it as the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) requires it, and we couldn’t be any more happy about it.  What started out as a simple 4H project with just a couple goats has turned into 6 dairy does (Alpine and Nubian), 2 herd sires (Nubian) with many on the way this spring.  Camelot Hills has become more than just a project, it has expanded our lives in ways we could have never imagined.

We acquired our first two dairy goats from Joburg Acres, a local 4H’r, and they happen to be bucks.  Then the plan to get a single Senior doe from Heaven’s Jubilee farm in Starkville, MS turned into getting the Senior Doe and her 4 month old kid as well.  These were Ain’t I Something Mister and Melody.  We were going to just get a doe simply so we could learn about how to care for and milk a senior doe first.  However Continue reading

Herd Sires are unhappy!

MerlinAll Does are Bred and this fella pictured to the left ain’t none to happy!

Well, all the ones we intend to breed at least.  Lady (She’s A Lady) wasn’t bred as we thought it was best to hold her over until next season as she’s a bit small, however she’s starting to catch up with the others and is turning out to be one fine doe!   She’ll do well in the juniors I’m sure. Seems everyone took so we should be having a busy kidding season in spring 2015.  So here’s a quick rundown of who’s bred to whom.

In the Alpines, we have Marlena and Monica who were bred with Barnibus from Sweet Chariot Farms.   Then we have Queen (I’m a Beauty Queen) with whom we bred with our own Nubian Merlin.  Her kids will be ADGA registered as Recorded Grade.

In the Nubians, we have Misty (Ain’t I Something Mister) bred to Merlin.  Then we have Melody (Misty’s daughter) bred to Arthur.  I can’t wait to see which one of these two bucks produce the better kids.  To my novice eye Merlin is the better buck but they are twins!  It is Merlin and Arthur’s first breeding season as well.  So we’re really excited to see what they all produce.  All the expected kids will/can be registered with ADGA.

Expected due dates are:

Monica:  2/13/2015

Marlena:  3/2/2015

Queen:  4/2/15

Mister:  4/8/2015

Melody: 4/8/2015


It’s like waiting for Christmas!


Barnibus herd sire from Sweet Chariot Farms




2014 Mississippi State Fair

Champion QueenFall, a time for state fairs all around the country and that’s no exception for Mississippi.  At the 2014 Mississippi State Fair in October, Camelot hills started on its first adventure in showing.  We went into this fair with no expectations of coming away with any awards or ribbons, hoping to only get a learning experience for future shows.

Arrival at the fair was pretty standard, we setup camp, found out where we needed to take the goats, albeit through a little detective work, and go them all setup in their pens for the weekend ahead.   We made sure they had shavings and water and were comfortable just as we would at home.  We settled in for the night, all giddy for a long weekend of showing.

The next morning we got our girls all fed and cleaned up ready to show.  We had trimmed hooves and trimmed fur before we came to the show making it much less stressful than it could have been.   We asked around on where to get our program so we knew when and where to be with what goats etc.  Then we perused around the other goat exhibits and saw a lot of great ideas…except for Jenny, all she wanted to do was pet goats.

This first day was the 4H sponsored show.   Continue reading