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Camelot Hills

Hello Everyone!  I want to welcome you to our Baa-log for the first time and hope that you will continue to come back and follow us as the adventures happen.  Check out our About Us page to know how we got started.  We have many ideas on what you would like to read about and see on coming videos but would like to encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions on what you would like to see as well.  Your input is always welcome.  If you would like to contribute to our baa-log, please submit your request via our Contact Page and we will be in touch.

Ok, enough formalities!  Let’s give you a quick rundown of what’s going on around our farm.  Currently it’s fall and the weather is being contrary.  So one day it’s cold, one day it’s hot one day it’s raining…welcome to Mississippi!  So the goats are running in and out of the shelter, we are putting coats on and off again.  Ahh the life of a farmer.

If you peruse through our website, you’ll see we have two different breeds of dairy goats, Anglo Nubians and Alpines.  We also have pet pygmies as well.  At the present time the Alpines, all except one are bred and ready for spring.  The one, Lady, we plan on letting her grow a bit before letting her kid.  The Nubians, well let’s just say they are being a bit stubborn, still haven’t gone into heat but we’re hoping they will any day now.  We have two young Nubian bucks on our farm just waiting for their change to “meet” these ladies!   One of them, Merlin, has already met our Alpine Queen.  So then we will have a crossbreed.  That’s going to be interesting to see and will be another baa-log altogether, can you say ‘recorded grade’.  We’ll see how all that works and will baa-log about it later.

Our young bucks that were mentioned are very much in rut and as soon as we see what kind of kids they throw, we’ll be letting them be studs for other Nubian ladies.  They are of excellent pedigree so we hope they will do well.  We’ll know in the spring…We’ll get some current pics of them on our website soon to follow their progress so check back often.  I’ve been learning about conformation and judging a lot lately and based on what I know so far, they’re pretty good bucks.  But I’m not expert….and that will be another Baa-log.

So that’s what’s going on around our farm in the way of our Dairy Girls and Boys for now.  We have many projects coming and much to talk about so make sure you sign up for our Baa-log newsletter at the top of this page and we will email you when we update our blog…ahem Baa-log.  Oh and tell your friends!

Finally, I want to say thank you to the several farms that got us going nearly a year ago.  Without you we would not be where we are today and you deserve to be mentioned.  We hope to see you all many times in the future, you all are becoming as we like to call it “goat friends” and couldn’t be more pleased with the dairy goat community and how welcoming you all have been.  So we look forward to seeing you in the future.

So a big Thank you to Soraco Farms, Jorburg Acres, Heaven’s Jubilee Farm, and Sweet Chariot Farm.

Come along for the adventures at Camelot Hills!



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