Julebukk (Yule Goat)

julebukkThanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is just around the corner and as I was shopping online I came upon this and thought that you all might like to read it as well.  However I did not write this myself, I found it on another site here.   The article below is an excerpt, please stop by their website for more.  I myself enjoy reading about other traditions and cultures around the world and hope you’ll enjoy this one as it even has some elements of our modern day Christmas.


Julebukk has a long tradition in Norway and even though its form and meaning has changed over time, the symbol of julebukk remains to this day – bringing the community together at Christmas, Juletid.  In old Norse tradition the julebukk (yule goat) was originally the goat that was slaughtered during Romjul, the time between Christmas and New Years.


The julebukk became the symbol of the pagan julebukk ritual.  It was a spiritual being that dwelled in the house during Christmas, overlooking the preparations and celebrations.  It later became personified and during the darkest nights of the year, a man or men (from the community) dressed in a goat mask and fur cape to represent the ghosts of winter night.  They travelled from door-to-door receiving gifts from the towns folk to thank them for protection and keeping the winter ghosts at bay.  They also gave warnings, especially to children, to be nice.

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2014 Mississippi State Fair

Champion QueenFall, a time for state fairs all around the country and that’s no exception for Mississippi.  At the 2014 Mississippi State Fair in October, Camelot hills started on its first adventure in showing.  We went into this fair with no expectations of coming away with any awards or ribbons, hoping to only get a learning experience for future shows.

Arrival at the fair was pretty standard, we setup camp, found out where we needed to take the goats, albeit through a little detective work, and go them all setup in their pens for the weekend ahead.   We made sure they had shavings and water and were comfortable just as we would at home.  We settled in for the night, all giddy for a long weekend of showing.

The next morning we got our girls all fed and cleaned up ready to show.  We had trimmed hooves and trimmed fur before we came to the show making it much less stressful than it could have been.   We asked around on where to get our program so we knew when and where to be with what goats etc.  Then we perused around the other goat exhibits and saw a lot of great ideas…except for Jenny, all she wanted to do was pet goats.

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Baa-log Intoduction


Camelot Hills

Hello Everyone!  I want to welcome you to our Baa-log for the first time and hope that you will continue to come back and follow us as the adventures happen.  Check out our About Us page to know how we got started.  We have many ideas on what you would like to read about and see on coming videos but would like to encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions on what you would like to see as well.  Your input is always welcome.  If you would like to contribute to our baa-log, please submit your request via our Contact Page and we will be in touch.

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Mississippi State Fair 2014

Junior Doe Reserve Best In Show
4H Junior Doe Reserve Best In Show

At the 2014 Mississippi State Fair, Soraco Farms I’m A Beauty Queen took Champion in her class and then took Junior Doe Reserve Best in Show for the 4H show!  We couldn’t be more proud.  Her first showing.  Queen was only 7 months old at the time.  Her owner Jessica (pictured) was just over the moon happy.  She had some really great competition and as crazy as this little doe is did surprisingly well in the ring.